Whether performing a scheduled, periodic power wash of your dock area or front walkway, as a full-service janitorial provider, we are well-matched to meet any of your specific needs.

  • Power washing is a highly-efficient, safe technique that is used to clean mold, dust, rust, mud and other build-up from a wide variety of surfaces.
  • At Alpha Clean, we have the expertise and advanced equipment necessary to regulate a high-to-low pressure cleaning system in effort to precisely manage any surface ranging from concrete to wood.

We know that Chicago’s seasonal changes can be brutal on commercial and residential buildings, but rest assured knowing that you can rely on us to help. Through our power washing process, we can remove graffiti, oil and grease, mildew or any other unwanted stains before Mother Nature potentially ruins your exterior. We definitely know what it takes to provide our client’s with a completely customized cleaning solution to fight the elements in the Windy City.