Why Alpha Clean

Over the past 20 years, Alpha Clean has focused on building and maintaining client relations through the delivery of superior services. Believing total customer satisfaction to be the most important aspect of the job, strong quality assurance practices play a major role in delivered services. Offering routine on-site inspections for all contracted clients, Alpha Clean applies numerous European-innovated practices to systematically ensure the agreed-upon standards are upheld throughout the life of a contract.

Unlike most contract-based cleaning companies who manage client buildings utilizing an hourly-paid supervisor, the principal owner of Alpha Clean manages all account premises and restoration projects. Offering his dedication and extensive knowledge to each and every client, he takes on the same responsibility for Alpha Clean’s success as a client would for their respective business.

Alpha Clean embraces unique strategies designed to improve the appearance of a facility and focus on specific details often overlooked by less-qualified janitorial providers. Understanding the importance of delivering a high-quality service, Alpha Clean goes above and beyond to exceed client expectations in every project or contract service.

In addition, all employees of Alpha Clean are personally hired, screened and trained by the principal owner, who focuses on finding candidates with the right skill-set and work ethic required to achieve success and long-term client satisfaction. Through a Quality Management and Environmental Policy, Alpha Clean has committed itself to the health, safety and well-being of its employees, as well as its clients’ employees, leading to a higher morale and improved employee retention company-wide.

Founded on the skills refined while perfecting his trade in Stuttgart Germany – a demographic known for its achievements in science and technology – the principal owner established Alpha Clean as a means to deliver a high-quality cleaning service to the greater Chicago area, incorporating innovative janitorial practices uncommon in the United States. Alpha Clean offers a wide-range of progressive cleaning programs, honed over a 20-year tenure, using state-of-the-art equipment, cleaning practices and advanced systems designed to meet a client‘s specific needs.

In addition to providing dedicated, routine janitorial services, Alpha Clean specializes in marble, ceramic tile, terrazzo and other natural stone restoration, offering solutions and maintenance programs that most janitorial providers cannot manage. Serving commercial clients, such as hotel, school, office, retail, restaurant, hospital facilities and more, Alpha Clean provides services based on a wide-range of client requirements. To guarantee positive results, Alpha Clean offers an on-site consultation and free demonstration to determine which cleaning regimen is best suited for a client’s specific stone-type and desired outcome.

Alpha Clean continues to expand its clientele as its reputation grows as a full-service provider willing to go above and beyond conventional expectations. In their tenure, Alpha Clean has never lost a client due to performance issues. With the combination of their stone restoration and scheduled service offerings, Alpha Clean is unparalleled in the Chicago cleaning segment and is the perfect janitorial partner for any venue. For more information, visit the testimonials page to read reviews from past and present Alpha Clean clients.