SCHEDULED JANITORIAL SERVICES Backed by advanced technology, Alpha Clean provides daytime and overnight scheduled janitorial services across the spectrum of care. Specializing in cleaning programs for a wide-range of facilities – from office spaces and manufactures to medical buildings and hospitality venues – we will maintain the overall cleanliness and health of a client’s facility through the dedicated performance of routine, periodic and restorative cleaning tasks. The key to our long-term business success, and the Alpha Clean company motto, is “total client satisfaction”. Here is how we uphold this notion:

  • Assessing Your Specific Needs: In determining the scope of work, our principal owner brings his 20–years’ experience to each client by personally visiting each property to design a plan of care based on a specific needs and budgetary parameters.
  • Advanced Technology: Our advanced use of technology includes: backpack vacuums with HEPA level filtration capabilities, color-coded microfiber towels and flat mops. All of which are designed to prevent cross contamination and deliver a consistent superior clean that clients can count on for better day-to-day outcomes. Additionally, to assure better end-results in our daily hard surface floor care, our proprietary mopping system delivers a continuously clean water-chemical solution assuring your floors gleam and remain streak free.
  • Time Efficiency: Our progressive cleaning routines and state-of-the-art technology allow for a more efficient clean, saving us valuable labor hours and you money. Additionally, the flexibility in our scheduled service option allows us to provide a thorough clean of your facility without disrupting your daily routines.
  • Routine Inspection: The principal owner here at Alpha Clean takes great pride in personally performing regular on-site inspections to ensure the specifications are completed to your total satisfaction. To achieve our objective of total client satisfaction, we strongly believe that we must take on the same ownership responsibilities in our offered services as you do for your own business.
  • Restoration Services: In an effort to deliver the best possible results, we have also invested in the top-of-the-line janitorial technology required to perform restorative projects every facility requires from time to time. As your full service provider, we will efficiently maintain the good health of often-overlooked aspects of building maintenance including VCT, carpeting, ceramic tile, marble and other stone surfaces that most janitorial providers cannot manage.
  • Full Service provider Alpha Clean has the capability to provide window cleaning services for both interior and exterior windows. We can pressure wash parking garages, lots, sidewalks, docks, decks and exteriors of buildings. Our clients have taken advantage of the ability to consolidate all their building maintenance needs under our roof.
    Regardless of the type of services your facility requires or your specific needs, Alpha Clean will maintain the overall image and cleanliness of your space with dedication and care. Call today to schedule a consultation.