At Alpha Clean, we understand that carpeting not only represents a significant capital investment for your company, but also plays a major part in contributing to the positive image and health of your facility. With over 20-years of experience to draw from, as well as advanced carpet-cleaning technology, Alpha Clean provides a specialized service backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Specifically, we offer:

  • An expert in carpet maintenance to walk-through and analyze each premises to create a comprehensive maintenance program suited to your facility’s specific needs.
  • Programs that include a pre-treatment of stains, detailed attention to high traffic areas and anti-stain application upon completion.
  • The principal owner, rather than an hourly technician, to oversee all carpet cleaning projects.
  • Work performed after regular business hours, as to not to disrupt daily routines.
  • Green carpet cleaning processes, please contact us for more information.
  • Cleaning programs for upholstered furniture.
  • The most advanced carpet cleaning equipment on the market place – increasing labor efficiency, saving us time and you money. See Advanced Technologies for more information.
  • Technologies and practices to minimize dry time for quicker access to cleaned areas.

Let Alpha Clean help maintain your facility’s image, prolong the life of your carpeting and protect your investment. Let us show you how a properly cleaned carpet can reduce employee loss-time by enhancing the indoor health-quality through the removal of allergens, dust mites, mold spores and dirt.

For more information, call Alpha Clean today for a free estimate.