Have you looked at your escalators lately? Take a close look at them. Are they as clean as they should be? Look at the horizontal treads and the vertical risers. Do they reflect the image of your facility that you want them to? Are they safe? Are you doing all you can to maintain them properly?

Clean escalators are safer, more reliable and make your facility look more professional to your employees and more welcoming to your customers and guests.

  • Safety: Foreign substances, oils and grease present a substantial slip and fall hazard on the hard metal steps of your escalators. Regular cleaning and periodic deep cleaning of your escalators helps manage this critical and potentially very expensive risk.
  • Reliability: Your escalators are complex pieces of equipment with lots of moving parts. As dirt, salt, oils and other foreign matter get drawn into the inner workings of this equipment parts are subject to premature wear, and you know how expensive repairs are, not to mention the impact on your facility when a unit is out of service for repairs. Cleaning your escalators is one of the best ways to reduce your maintenance cost on this expensive equipment.
  • Appearance: You work hard to present the best image to everyone in your facility, from keeping the windows clean to scrubbing the floors. When your escalators are not cleaned regularly, people notice, and it impacts their impression of the entire facility and even their opinion of your company. Notice how when you are ascending on your escalators you can see the steps and the risers right in front of you. What do they say about your facility? Your company?

We can help. Alpha Clean provides professional escalator cleaning services using the latest cleaning equipment, chemicals and processes. Our process cleans both horizontal and vertical components of you equipment in less time that most other methods can clean the horizontal parts alone. In fact, most processes do not even clean the vertical risers. We operate on your schedule and clean the units in place. If you need the work done after hours we can clean two units in a single night, so your equipment is never down during normal business hours. You will be amazed at the difference we can make. You will also be amazed at the cost of our service. Because of the efficiency of our equipment, labor costs are reduced and we pass those savings on to you.

See for yourself. We would be glad to schedule a no cost, no obligation demonstration of our process so you can see firsthand the difference we can make for you.